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Gathering in Israel


Supporting leaders from the nations

Michael Maeliau, Emmanuel Fave, Milo Siilata, (Pacific), Dickson Waimora (Solomon Is), Enoka Goha (New Caledonia), Hezekiah Loloi (Vanuatu), Geoff Armitage, John Newie (Aust), Elijah Titus, Jesse Ramo (PNG), Nuuausala Siaosi (Samoa), Donald Kruse (Am Samoa), Leon Siu (Hawaii), Joseph Aka (French Polynesia), Brad Haami, Murray Dickson (Aotearoa/NZ), Kenny Blacksmith, Linda Prince (Canada), Willie Jock, Mary Faus, Dr Robert Doe, David Rosen (USA), Hudson Medeiros (Brazil), Dr George Annadorai (Singapore), Enoch Chang (Taiwan), Berthold Becker (Germany), Ioan Peia (Romania), Jussi Valkonen (Finland), Dariusz Peter Wojcinowicz (Poland), Abraham Jantjies, Nicholas Heynes, Elizabeth Jordaan, (South Africa), Charles Macharia (Kenya), et al.


History and Invitation

Encouraged by believers visiting from the Pacific Islands (the ends of the earth) and after testing the prophetic vision and having, themselves, heard from the Lord, a group of Messianic leaders from the Israeli Body of Christ, for the first time ever in the history of the Jewish Messianic movement in Israel, held an international gathering in Abu Ghosh, on Sukkot 2017, ending in Jerusalem where both Jew and Gentile, jointly, welcomed Jeshua Hamashiach to take His place as King of Glory over Jerusalem, Israel.


The representatives from the nations also honored the Israeli believers and encouraged them to take their place as first-born sons in God´s household, preparing the way for a new alignment between His Body in Israel and the nations.


The Lord answered with an awesome presence of His glory and has, since then, blessed His Body in Israel (Jews & Arabs) with a new level of love and unity between a growing number of leaders, fellowships and ministries. The leaders, since then, have been meeting regularly for days of prayer and fellowship, serving the Lord together and supporting one another for the expansion of the Kingdom of God in Israel and beyond. 


The leaders from both Israel and the nations immediately knew that the event on Sukkot 2017 was not just another conference but rather a historic prophetic door opener for a new season of the glory (Isaiah 60:1-3) in which the Lord is preparing the Bride for His return by creating the One New Man out of the two – Jew and Gentile (Eph 2:11-22).


Following on a prayer and consultation conference at the end of 2018, which included Israeli and international leaders, the believers from Israel and the nations are now invited to join us at a second gathering, this time in Nazareth, on 15-19 December 2019 to proceed in this new season of the Lord for His Body in Israel and the Nations. We believe the Lord will visit us with His Glory and we expect to receive further revelation of Himself and direction on how to partner with Him in this new season of the ONE NEW MAN.


Who is invited?

Every disciple of Yeshua from every nation who feels drawn by the Spirit of the Lord to represent his continent and nation in this special gathering, is most welcome. 



The main language will be English and Hebrew speakers will be translated into English from the platform.

For international groups needing translation headphones can be provided. However, each international group must organize its own translators.


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